This Lane Ends

Every highway has a sign,
directing to and fro.
Warning us of the hazards,
in all the places we must go.

Merge right, one sign says,
while another, warns of weather ahead.
All signs are for the living,
it's now too late for the dead.

No more passing, along the way,
to go as fast as you choose!
Yield, is now the sign,
and Yield is your clue.

Dead End, coming up!
A warning this lane will end.
Last warning on a highway,
filled with accidents and sin.

There is still time to change your lane,
and yet, begin again.
But know this my friends,
this lane will surely end!




Past, present, future!
Past, present, future!
Where I am, where I’ve been.
Where I’m headed, where I’ll end!

My reflections in the mirror
Shows what others see.
But the direction of my path,
Is the true reflection of me!

To reminisce in a looking glass
Only pays tribute to where I’ve been.
As times return of days forgotten,
I judge my loses, by my wins.

To look behind me
With my eyes fixed straight ahead.
Makes it hard to see the living,
As I resurrect the dead.

Time to put away a past,
That robs my here and now.
If I am ever to enjoy the present,
Today, I must learn how.

No more hurts or unforgiveness,
To look upon with remorse!
For GOD has given me the present,
To change my former course!

Forgiven and forgotten,
Are the pains of my past!
The present is my home,
With the future closing fast!