Precious Time

Once an offering is given,
it cannot be lost.
For to the one who gave it,
a record is kept ,
for all of it's cost.

There is only one item,
You give, 

that can't be bought.
Only one offering, 

you cannot replace.
That genuinely comes from your heart.

It's the time you spend
with God alone .
It's the moment's you give Him,
the attention you've shown.

It says here is a gift,
that can't be bought or sold.
For my time with You,
is more precious,
 than silver or gold.

It says, our relationship is more important,
than the time of my days.
It says, I want to know You.
In all of Your ways.

It says, You already know this,
but You're written on my heart.
And my time with You Lord,
just deepens that mark.

Precious time spent with You Lord,
is never a waste.
For it's that time, that I long,
 for my home, 
where time has no place.