Planting Rainbows

Now it’s true, that in every life,
Storms will rage.
They come regardless of gender,
Wealth or age.

But just know,
As the rain begins to fall.
Those drops are but seeds,
Sent to us all.

You see any cloud,
The Father, chooses to send.
Comes with a rainbow,
Attached to the end.
It doesn’t say all clouds,
But rather, His clouds.
And they come not to warn,
But to promise!

For His promise is this,
Never again, never from Him.
An irrevocable promise,
Of never again.

So when the clouds begin,
To darken my friend.
And the rain seems to fall,
Like there’ll be no end.

Just know the storm will pass.
And before the ground,
 On which you stand is even dry.
God Himself, will hang a,
Rainbow in the sky.

So storms will come,
This we know.
Just realize, as that rain falls,
It’s planting rainbows.