The View or the Sight

When we look ahead,
what do we see?
The moment, the present,
temporal reality.

Both are real,
but there's more in our view.
Many times mountains, fill our sight.
 Then we are left with the present,
as our sight becomes skewed.

Has our sight changed?
Or only our view.
Views are the temporary,
and only for the moment, 
are they true.

But sight, 
is what enables us to see.
Past the views of the moment,
and it's temporal reality.

Past the mountains,
of this world.
 we self made,
as well as those unfurled.

Our sight is a gift,
given to us, 
by The Father of all Lights.
Opening our view,
that we might have eternal sight.

Never let your current view,
affect you eternal sight.
For the views will change,
but never The Light.