Like a Thief in the Night!

There is a moment yet to come,
Promised long ago.
The stage of history awaits,
For that moment, even so.

The Angels stand ready,
With reaper's in hand.
To harvest this crop,
From all land's.

In the twinkling of an eye,
That moment will pass.
As the world...and the scoffers,
Will search for their laugh.

Where did they go?
Could they have really been right?
Where have they gone?
Like a thief in the night...

Many will offer answers,
But none will suffice.
The world will have changed,
Before... you can blink twice.


The Valley of the Shadow

  Is there a valley,
Where death still rules?
A great shadow over men,
That lurks and drools.

A place so dark,
That death is a force.
One so powerful,
To divert our course.

A valley of long shadows,
That darkens our way.
As we head toward the light,
Of Eternal day.

One who's power,
Has terrified men.
As they forgot the God of heaven,
And embraced their sin.

One who's voice terrifies,
Because of the unknown.
The fact that many never believed,
And chose to walk alone.

Is there a valley in eternity,
That requires Jesus's staff and rod?
Or is it the valley,
                  We currently trod.