Who Prays for the Lost?

“For the eyes of the Lord, are on the righteous.
and His ears are open to their prayer’s.”
1st Peter 3:12

When we know this promise,
That’s been given to the saints.
Should our prayers be more than wants,
More than listing…our complaints?

There’s a world outside our walls,
One many choose not to see.
One dyeing in it’s sin,
The way we used too be!

Sometime somewhere, someone,
Prayed for me and you.
When we were still outside those walls,
Lost, without a clue!

Someone stood in the gap,
For the lost, they didn’t even know!
Not because we were something special,
But because…they love Him so!

Have we forgotten, it’s hell that awaits,
 For those who know Him not.
Lord forgive us, of our wasted prayer’s,
And those we have forgot.

“The prayers of the righteous,
Availith much.”
For with our prayer’s,
It’s heaven that we touch!

A dyeing world awaits,
For all who will stand in the breach.
One hand holding to the lost, the other,
 touching heaven in it’s reach!