Get On Board...(Last Call)

The sky's were clear,
As Noah stepped in the ark. just day's,
The sky's went dark!

The people saw them boarding,
And began to laugh them too scorn.
But...Noah knew,
There was coming a storm!

All those who mocked and laughed,
Had never seen it rain.
And for that reason,
Thought Noah...insane.

Could water really fall,
From the sky?
That every person alive would die?

He's just a silly old man!
He's been talking floods,
For generations in this land!

Not one drop of water,
Has ever fallen from the sky.
He's believed a hoax,
He's believed a lie!

Noah waited patiently seven days,
With hopes for more.
But after seven day's,
God shut the door!

Water began pouring down,
But there was nowhere to go.
Then the springs of the earth bursted,
And began to flow!

What many had thought a fairytale,
Was now coming to pass!
The mocking and the laughing,
Had now...dried up fast!

It was to late,
To now get on board.
Judgement had come,
As promised by The Lord!

Will there be,
One more boarding call for you?
Or will you awaken one day,
To a fairytale too?


God...In A Box?

From the time of the Pharisee’s
Till present day.
Man has sought to define God,
By man’s own way!

But God has spoke Himself,
“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Neither are your ways My ways.”
Is this a verse we have forgot?
To quote the Apostle Paul,
“Surely not.”

Does man see himself,
As shrewd as a fox?
And in his shrewdness,
Does he dare…
Put God in a box?

Put God Almighty, in a box?
No, no, my friend I think not!
The one fault of every great revival,
Man seems to have forgot?

For in those times that He visited,
 Many believers…just stopped!
Stopped right there,
And built God a box!

We now call them Movements,
By name!
But it was God, who visited all,
Just never the same!

     Are we any different? 
Even today!
As we try to box in a God,
Who…in His own Words,
Is indefinable in all His ways!

Perhaps like those before us,
we too have forgot.
That God was moving in those moments,
 its always we...
who choose to stop!




Jesus... Where Are You?


So, where is Jesus
when the mountains are tall?
When bad turns to worse,
and we feel abandoned by all?

Has The Lord thrown up His hands,
 and just walked off?
Are we alone in our struggle?
As the onlookers scoff.

Look back with me,
if you will.
To the center cross,
on Golgotha's hill.

His friends now scattered,
His Father withdrawn.
His adversary rejoicing,
as the crowd jeered on.

Mine and your sins,
 laid at His feet.
With a chance to come down,
He chose no retreat.

Does this sound like someone,
 who would abandon His own?
Turn His back on family,
as they battle alone.

So where is The Lord,
when the mountains are tall?
He's standing right behind us,
so we won't..... fall.


Peace Be With You!

Do we face tribulation,
From time to time?
Troubles, test, and trials,
All do find!

But to the believer,
There's more to us,
 Than flesh and bone.
Inside of us,
We stand not alone.

“My peace I leave with you,
My peace I give unto you.”
Jesus very words,
“Peace Be With You!"

They who find Him,
Find also His peace.
In a world of turmoil,
He is their release.

As the fires of our life,
Rage in its flame.
Peace is still found,
In just One Name!

As the waves of our oceans,
 Cast us to and fro.
His peace is still upon us,
Regardless the throw!

Though the prisons of our life,
Sometimes find us locked in.
His peace is our pardon,
Given from Him!

Peace not of this world,
Or of the things it can give.
Peace found only,
In He…that Lives!

They who find Him,
Find also His Peace.
But they who neglect Him,
 Still await their release.