Jesus... Where Are You?


So, where is Jesus
when the mountains are tall?
When bad turns to worse,
and we feel abandoned by all?

Has The Lord thrown up His hands,
 and just walked off?
Are we alone in our struggle?
As the onlookers scoff.

Look back with me,
if you will.
To the center cross,
on Golgotha's hill.

His friends now scattered,
His Father withdrawn.
His adversary rejoicing,
as the crowd jeered on.

Mine and your sins,
 laid at His feet.
With a chance to come down,
He chose no retreat.

Does this sound like someone,
 who would abandon His own?
Turn His back on family,
as they battle alone.

So where is The Lord,
when the mountains are tall?
He's standing right behind us,
so we won't..... fall.


Peace Be With You!

Do we face tribulation,
From time to time?
Troubles, test, and trials,
All do find!

But to the believer,
There's more to us,
 Than flesh and bone.
Inside of us,
We stand not alone.

“My peace I leave with you,
My peace I give unto you.”
Jesus very words,
“Peace Be With You!"

They who find Him,
Find also His peace.
In a world of turmoil,
He is their release.

As the fires of our life,
Rage in its flame.
Peace is still found,
In just One Name!

As the waves of our oceans,
 Cast us to and fro.
His peace is still upon us,
Regardless the throw!

Though the prisons of our life,
Sometimes find us locked in.
His peace is our pardon,
Given from Him!

Peace not of this world,
Or of the things it can give.
Peace found only,
In He…that Lives!

They who find Him,
Find also His Peace.
But they who neglect Him,
 Still await their release.



Without Jesus...

Without Jesus,
sin would be king.
To rage and too rule,
over all living things.

Without Jesus,
there would be no mercy to find.
For Christ brought God's mercy,
to all mankind.

Without Jesus,
no hope could appear.
Just man all alone,
ruled by his fear.

Without Jesus,
no prayer could be heard.
For in whose name,
would we pray any word.

Without Christ journey to earth,
this would be no longer where we dwell.
For the place I've just described,
is a place called, hell.


Something... In the Air!

Something is coming...
Can you fell it in the air?
Can you sense it in your spirit?
Does it seem... like its everywhere?

The days as we've known them,
Are winding down.
But though the heathen may rage,
Yet...they can't hear a sound.

Yes there is something,
Electric in the air.
 A sense of foreboding, 
Not far from despair!

Just like John the Baptist,
Prepared the way!
The Spirit Himself,
Is warning these days.

A coming moment,
A climatic event.
A world changing order.
For all...
 Who refused to repent!

No...we're not cracking up,
Nor are we emotionally falling apart!
We're just sensing our flight,
About to embark!