Apr 29, 2017

Treasure in the Field

Is there a treasure,
hidden in open sight?
One with the ability,
to change a life, overnight?

Is there something more precious,
than silver and gold?
More rare than diamonds and emeralds,
with value untold?

A man came upon this treasure,
in another mans field.
Longing to possess it,
he laid down his will.

Selling all that he had,
to own this treasure.
He sought it's possession,
beyond any measure.

As he found and acquired,
with all that he had!
Many around him,
declared him as madd.

"Have you lost your mind,
there is nothing there.
All that you own,
is just thin air!"

But the faith of the owner,
never embraced any doubt.
As a matter of fact,
he offered this treasure,
to those round about.

At the death of the owner,
his treasure was great.
His rewards were many, 
because of his faith.

The world will tell you,
there is no treasure here.
But the bodies of doubt,
can neither see nor hear.

So what is this treasure,
of eternal proportions ?
His Name is Jesus!
And to those who believe,
 He is all of our fortunes!!!

Apr 8, 2017

The Sand of Time

The sand's of the hour glass,
Continues to pour.
But when the bottom cylinder fills,
Time will be no more.

No more time to measure,
For the glass above.
Not one moment hidden in the funnel,
For the time that was.

All sand's are collected,
And all will be judged!
Every second, every moment,
From all that was.

Some never believed...
That this time would come!
But this time comes for all,
Not just some.

With every second and every moment,
The glass is filling, with no time to spare.
Be warned, be ready,
Be aware!

What were the sands of time,
Is now the sea of eternity.
What was all the time in the world,
Is now a world without it.

Apr 2, 2017

Tribulation (Jacobs Troubles)

Well past man's greatest fears,
There lie's, a time that awaits him.
A time the world doesn't believe in,
Now, it hearkens to greet them!
A time of chaos and death,
Beyond description.
A time of famine and plague,
Without restriction.
Man's rejection of God,
Will now come home.
But the wrath accompanying it,
Will not come alone!
Day in and day out,
A new plague or a war.
For seven long years,
This is in store...
Calamities, catastrophe's,
Even the heavens shake.
Star's falling, masses dying.
Nuclear war, carnage and gore!
Beast arriving
From the bottomless pit.
Destroying Angels,
Just to mention a bit.
Demon's and devils,
Will make man's rule's.
As man gets his desire,
A world of ghouls!
But eventually even the demon's,
And ghouls must answer the bell.
For after those seven long years,
It's going to be Hell.


Nov 10, 2016

Praise Him

Praise GOD,
in times of plenty.
Praise Him,
when there isn't any.

Praise Him,
when theres over fill.
Praise Him,
when your cup is nil.

Praise Him,
when you're caught by sorrow.
Praise Him,
that there'll be tomorrow.

Praise Him,
when the winds are cool.
Praise Him,
when the world says, you fool.

Praise Him,
even in times of loss.
Praise Him,
for the door, at the foot of the cross!

Nov 4, 2016

Birth Pains; Election Edition

We in America always see
 GOD’s Blessings at hand!
For we are so blessed a nation
 Throughout the lands!

The world even envies our poor, 
We have so much!
But America's forgot, The One,
Who blessed us with such!

We’ve listened to fools,
Who cried out, “worship whom you please!”
“And it’s not that important,
In whom you believe”!

Has America forgotten?
From whence she came!
Has she sold out her beliefs?
To cover her shame!

Must fire fall from heaven,
To get America’s attention?
What awaits a nation that takes pride,
 In new sins as their own invention!

Must we see judgment?
Before we turn from our ways!
Or is political correctness our answer?
In the last days!

America, will we fall on our face?
 And repent of our sin!
Or have we reached that moment in Scripture
where the birth pains begin?

Mark 13:8

Oct 21, 2016

A Gathering of Ages

At a date known only to God.
In a place, He has chose.
The stage is already set.
The official time...only He knows.

A gathering of the ages,
Will take place.
And all are coming,
Of, the human race.

One gathering, will be,
For all who answered His call.
Then later another gathering,
For all...who embraced the fall.

For all who say, 
They've had no such invitation.
All this talk of a gathering,
Is nothing more, than a wild imagination!

For all, our choice decides!
Sooner...or later?
Answer His call?
Or answer, the fall?

But a gathering is coming my friends.
And the time is already set.
So believe it...or not?
This gathering, you will not forget!

Oct 20, 2016

The Watchman - Part Three

As the tree's of the forest,
begin now to break.
The walls of the city,
start to tremble and shake!

The warnings of the Watchman,
were ignored in score's.
But now those within the wall's,
can't ignore anymore!

A few still stand and proclaim,
this is not the end!
It's only a shaking,
we'll repair...and begin again!

The Watchman now trembles,
as he holds to the pillared post.
And with one last great cry,
he calls out to the host.

Pray, pray,
pray all ye who will!
Call out to The God of Heaven,
on His Holy Hill!

Save us, Oh God,
from our arrogance and sin!
Save us, Oh God,
that we might, live again!

The defiant now curse him,
as they toil in dismay.
Defiant to the end,
unwilling... to pray!

Like a thief in night, 
the watchman is gone.
The crowd now stunned,
standing alone!

Amidst all the chaos,
and the confusion.
The crowd is now left,
to their own disillusion...

Oct 8, 2016

The Watchman - Part Two

Standing at his post,
As the rain gets, more steady.
Still warning all, who will hear?
Prepare, be ready!

The storm draws closer,
To all within the walls!
But no one seems to hear,
As the watchman calls!

We’ve seen storms before,
A voice calls from below.
This too shall pass,
Roars the crowd, as they go!

Drenched with rain,
They continue on their way.
Thinking this to be,
Like a storm of past days.

The winds are coming stronger,
Calls, the watchman from his post.
As he sees the forest start to bend,
His words, still ignored, by most.

The crowds continue on,
Thinking this is now the norm.
After all, they say,
A storm is just a storm...?

Sep 24, 2016

A Prayer of Awakening

Great and Mighty God,
God of the Ages,
God of Eternity,
 Ancient of Days!

Come from the four winds,
And awaken me.
Open my eyes,
 Help me wipe the slumber from them.

Shake me!
That the dust of this world,
Will fall from me.
Revive me, Oh Lord.

Lord, I ask for revival,
In me.
If no one else wants revival,
I do!

I entreat You, Oh God,
Come from the four winds.
And breathe upon me,
With Your Mighty Holy Spirit.

Intrigue me,
In all the things of You.
Enlighten me,
In Your Word and Your Ways.

Wake me!
Shake me!
Remake me!
In You,
 I ask in Jesus Name.

Apr 4, 2016

A Bowl of Soup

A friend stopped me the other day, and asked, just what am I supposed to be in my Christian walk, how do I know what I am, and what I'm supposed to do?

Big question?

But one asked daily around the world, for believers.

Before I could even think, The Holy Spirit filled my mind with this, for an answer.

I said, you see this large building full of people, it's a bowl of soup, and you're part of it, you're the salt.
You season and preserve, there are many vegetables in this soup and they will all rot without salt, and even in there prime they need seasoning, and we as believers are that seasoning.

You don't have to be the next Apostle Paul, all you have to be is salt to the world.

How do I do that he asked?

By allowing the Jesus in you to come out, in all believers there is a supernatural deposit from God, be that coworker that is kind, caring, helpful...people notice. Be that Dad, brother, husband, friend that not just loves, but cares.

And sooner or later, that salt changes those around it, but it's not us changing them, it's the Jesus in us, salt is literally the Jesus in you.

Because we would've rotted also without Him, and someone was salt to us, now we've been preserved, your actions now have the ability to show the world a Jesus with some skin on him.

Because when we lean to our fleshly nature, we are nothing more than another vegetable in the soup, waiting for someone else to come along and salt us.
And we've all done it, when we had the salt already deposited in us, we just refused to let it out.

We can't all be Billy Graham, but we can be salt!

Colossians 4:6
Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man