Dry Bones

In every corner of this world,
There lies dry bones!
Where zeal once burned,
The gone!

Some grew dry,
From the world's worries and cares.
Others gave in when burdens,
Seemed to heavy too bare!

"Son of man, 
Can these dry bones live again?"
Can zeals fire rekindle,
Deep from within?

Though there be flesh upon them,
Where they now reside.
The peace of that fire,
Is missing inside.

Bones that now snap,
From brittle ways.
Can they again be oiled,
In these last days?

Only the Lord knows,
If these bones will live again!
But His fire awaits those,
Willing to be...
Caught up in Him!


I AM...found!

I AM, who saw all,
When none existed!
I AM, called all,
But many resisted.

For those who were found,
I AM, marked us with His Seal.
His deposit is within us,
And we know that it's real!

I AM, found us,
 On the highways and byways
Of every generation.
But all who rejected Him,
Brought about their own damnation!

I AM, would, that not one,
 Would have been lost.
For those who rejected I AM,
Rejected the Cross!

I am found,
Though once I was lost.
A wayward sheep,
At a mighty cost!


The Wedding Day!!!

Will the wedding party grow tired,
And eventually fall asleep?
As the Groom tarries in His coming,
For a wedding yet to keep!

Ten went out as Watchmen,
To be the eyes of the guest.
Five went unprepared for the darkness,
Not knowing...darkness is a test!

Five Watchmen came prepared,
For everything, darkness might bring!
Though they knew not the moment,
They prepared for everything!

The night wore on longer...
Than the guest had anticipated!
Finally, the wedding party fell asleep,
But the Watchmen... still waited!

By now even the Watchmen,
Had begun too doze!
But at the sound of the forerunner,
The Watchmen then arose!

The five who were prepared, 
Lit their lamps, to overcome the night!
But those unprepared now turned,
And headed back, lacking much light!

The five Watchmen who had prepared,
 Now alerted the Bride and the guest!
With their lights shinning brightly,
They sought to energize the rest!

"The Groom is close at hand,
Be ye not dismayed!"
For in the twinkling of an eye,
There will be a wedding day!


The Last Days (Trumpet Sound)

Are we as a people,
So blind of where stand!
That we notice not the clock,
Nor the moving of His hands?

Are we as blind as the World,
To the very signs of the age?
Thinking only coincidence's,
Are showing up these days!

Many shall run to and fro.
And knowledge shall abound!
But though, truth be spoken,
Few are they, who hear it's sound!

As it was in the days of Lot, it is today!
The coincidence's mount,
As we walk along the way!

"Where is the promise of His coming?"
Call's the scoffers from the crowd!
"Just another misinterpretation,"
Are the voices...of the proud!

But just like the unbelieving,
They too are unaware,
Of where they stand!
As perilous times surround many,
Throughout the land.

His hand continues to move,
As the clock is winding down!
For yes... in these last days,
Soon a trumpet will sound!