Prayer of Faith

Do we still expect results,
when we pray?
Or has prayer,
 become a ritual,
we just bow,
 and say?

Have we become,
 so weak,
that our faith is all gone?
For a prayer,
 without faith,
is just begging alone!

 The prayer of faith,
has grown dim,
in our plight.
The blaze that once burned
 with blistering heat
 now struggles to light.

Can our faith reignite,
 like embers,
 in a fire?
Can our trust,
 once again, 
be in He that’s higher.

If we believe,
 when we ask,
we shall receive!
In accordance,
 with the Word,
for all that believe.

For faith,
 like a mustard seed,
tiny and small.
Can still move,
 The very hand of GOD,
the moment we call.

Matthew 21:22