My Name is...Change!

Time...knows my name,
just like his days of the year.
For when I arise,
Change does appear.

I come to those who travel,
and to all who remain still.
I come those who are willing,
and those of stubborn will.

I come when the time is right,
and when there is no right time.
I come when you're at your peaks,
or even the beginning of the climb.

I've come when I was called,
and I've gone when I was sent.
I was the future to the past,
for all who came and went.

My position is like the ocean,
as my waves continue rolling in.
And just like the sea's,
there is no stopping them.

Unlike the things I touch,
which change day by day.
Only the heart of man may chose,
whom he serves along the way.

Psalm 55:19