The Prodigal

God, do You remember me?
From a few years back?
I was doing pretty good,
as a Christian...
as a matter of fact.

I know... I said then,
we would talk a lot more.
I guess I haven't did much,
 to improve our rapport.

I kind of stopped reading,
and praying each day.
Before long I was back
to my old sinful ways.

In case You didn't notice,
but the... sin found me.
Every club that I went to,
it just wouldn't let me be.

So as You guessed,
I finally gave in.
Many times I wanted to call You,
But I was too ashamed,
 Because of my sin.

I kept telling myself,
well, God understands!
He knows that I'm weak,
I'm only a man.

Someone finally told me,
all Christians fall.
They just don't stay down,
 they know Who to call.

I just thought my actions,
were worse than most.
Because mine began as good
then kinda bad...
 then not even close.

But today I sat down,
and opened my Bible.
I read the account of a father,
and a son, called the prodigal.

I feel like I know this guy,
inside out.
You see I've been there,
I know what he's about.

You see Father, I'm sorry,
and though my sins are well known.
I was just wondering,
 I could come home?