The Alone Highway

I met Him on a highway,
I sometimes traveled on.
Rarely seeing anyone,
on the highway called, Alone.

Passers by, did just that,
as they kept on their way. 
So I thought it strange,
as He stopped to talk that day.

He joked about the highway,
and the roughness of the road.
Then He asked if I went this way,
even with...a heavy load?

Yes I said, many times and the highway,
makes me more weary by the day.
Many times I've wondered why,
as I travel on my way.

Then He asked, if He could carry,
the heaviest of my load.
This seemed so out of place,
on a rough and weary road.

He said, everyday I walk this highway,
with the weary and beaten down.
Willing to carry what they will allow,
as I try to keep them, from falling to the ground.

Many times I offer,
and sometimes I'm turned down.
Later, I always find those,
 crushed...on the ground.

Strange I said,
You willing to help us , who walk alone?
Then as we topped the last hill,
I turned to thank Him, but my friend was gone.

As I headed on,
my load seemed lighter than before.
Was it just my second wind?
Or was it something more?

Now for those who must travel,
The Alone Highway.
Take comfort my friends,
help is waiting on the way!