Forgive Me

Lord Jesus,
 as I come before You.
Forgive me,
for all the things I've failed to do.

Forgive me,
for the times I sat in Your seat as judge.
Forgive me,
for the years that I held a grudge.

Forgive me,
for pride, and arrogance too.
For always thinking my way was the right way,
and not listening to You.

Forgive me,
for always thinking my denomination was best.
And thinking You favored us,
more than the rest.

Forgive me for the strife and jealousy,
that came from me.
For though a Christian for years,
I chose not to see.

Forgive me,
 for waste, wasting my days.
And filling them with everything,
minus Your ways.

I'm sure there's much,
that I have forgot.
Forgive me for that also,
because I've failed a lot.

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