Who is God?

He is,
The Mightiest of the mighty.
The Strongest of the strong.
The Most Powerful of the powerful.
The Most Loving!

He is,
The Wisest of the wise.
The Kindest of the kind.
The Most Beautiful.
The Most Benevolent.

He is,
The Most Patient.
The Long Suffering.
The Only Just Judge.
The Righteous One!

He is,
The Life Giver.
The Life Sustainer.
The Rescuer of our souls.
The Ancient of Day's, from days untold!

He is,
The Prayer Taker.
The Wonder Maker.
The Blesser of our bread.
The Lifter of our head!

He is,
The Beginning and The End.
The Good Shepherd, our closest friend.
The Vine from which all fruit grows.
The Living Waters of which all life goes.

He is God,
And there is none but He.
He is without contemporary or peer.
He possesses no fear.

He is,
More Majestic than my words.
More Dynamic than my description.
My words pale to describe Him.
My descriptions are pathetic and 
pitiful in Who He really is.

In my greatest imagination,
I underestimate Him.
In my greatest descriptions,
I sell Him short of Who He is.
He Is Holy, and He Is God!

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