A Prayer of Awakening

Great and Mighty God,
God of the Ages,
God of Eternity,
 Ancient of Days!

Come from the four winds,
And awaken me.
Open my eyes,
 Help me wipe the slumber from them.

Shake me!
That the dust of this world,
Will fall from me.
Revive me, Oh Lord.

Lord, I ask for revival,
In me.
If no one else wants revival,
I do!

I entreat You, Oh God,
Come from the four winds.
And breathe upon me,
With Your Mighty Holy Spirit.

Intrigue me,
In all the things of You.
Enlighten me,
In Your Word and Your Ways.

Wake me!
Shake me!
Remake me!
In You...

 I ask in Jesus Name.

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