60 Seconds In Hell

If I could take you on a one minute,
Journey through hell.
Where the souls of those,
 Who rejected dwell.

If I could show you what separation,
 From God really means!
And how that separation,
Is much worse than it seems!

If I could show you,
Why... the worm dies not.
You see every deed and opportunity!
It's never forgot!

If I could show you every moment,
God called out to you by name.
And how those moments,
Will haunt you in the flame!

If I could show you,
Why those there weep and gnash!
Not just because of their sin.
But they relive every moment,
God called...and they rejected Him!

Maybe could appreciate,
Why Jesus came!
To take our sins and,
Rescue us...from the flame!

If I could show you these things,
I would show you right away!
For you see not one of us,
Is promised...another day!

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