A Supernatural World View

Recently I became acquainted with a brother by the name of Dr. Michael Hieser, he does the podcast, The Naked Bible, nothing pornographic here, just the naked text of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, IE, The Naked Bible.
He is also one the top American scholars in Hebrew text translation; his day job is Hebrew translator for LOGOS Bible Software; many of you may be familiar with that software.
He uses a term quit frequently and that term is, A Supernatural World View, in his studies of ancient Hebrew he finds continually that the Hebrew world of antiquity had a much more supernatural world view, than we possess today. Why has our world view changed?
Many answers can be given, many theories are abounding, but the truth of them all is this, we see God smaller than the ancient world did. But John, those were just a bunch of uneducated superstitious tribesmen who thought all science were signs from God.
Were they?
Have you ever looked at the cities and structures these uneducated tribesmen built, the technology of the ancient world was not sticks and stones, but architecture, astronomy, and sculpture that we today are still asking, how’d they do that! No they were not uneducated or superstitious, the appearance of superstition comes mostly from pagan cultures, not a Godly one, and we believers are now descendants of a Godly culture through our adoption into the family of God. We have laid down our pagan superstitions.
So what happened to us, why did we (the believers) start seeing the things of the world larger and the Supernatural things of God smaller?

"Well brother, all those supernatural things that built up those of old faith have passed away."

 I want you to ask yourself a question if you really believe that.
When you or someone in your family is sick, do you ask God to touch them or heal them? When you go through struggles in life do you ever ask God for His help in these matters?

If you honestly answered yes to either one of these questions, you don’t believe your own doctrine, or you’re just being superstitious.
But John, what if these bad things are God’s will in our life?
Then why ever ask Him to help you with anything, if it’s all His will.
You don’t believe that, or you wouldn’t ask Him for help, there are things that God has to do in our lives when we are too dumb to move on from bad things, or dead things. You remember Elijah, when he stayed at the brook for safety when he was being hunted by Jezebel, why did he leave the brook?

God dried it up, you see it was time for him to go, but he wasn’t going with the brook running, but when it dried up he had to go. If you read on you will see God sent him to someone who desperately needed someone with a supernatural point of view. Yes God will dry up all our brooks when it’s time to move on, but He’s not the God who torments you, if you see Him as such, you have Him confused with another god.

So what does all this have to do with a supernatural world view?
Everything, the world doesn’t need any more philosophers; they’re full up on them, they need a people with a supernatural worldview, one based on the Supernatural God of the Bible. They need people who aren’t content to be rooted in the fleshly world, they have that with the pagans; they need people who will tell of and believe in The God who not only changes lives, but is a help and constant companion of those who love Him.
Brothers and Sisters, the world is constantly pushing The One True God out of everything, don’t you think it’s time we pushed back?
But John, if we start talking about Supernatural interventions from God, they’ll think we’re from one of those crazy churches!

I got news for you…in this time we live in, if you’re part of any Bible believing congregation…the world already thinks we’re crazy!

I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know, you know God has been minimized throughout the world, but let me tell you this, this world is the only place in all the universes that He has. He’s not minimized in the spirit world; the demons know full well who He is. He’s not minimized amongst the Angels or in Heaven itself. No, man has listened to dark forces, and agreed with them that man is all alone, and he is the king of the entire universe.
Let me just say emphatically, he’s not!

This world and all the rest have one King, and His name is Jesus!
He’s the Lord of all lords and the King of all kings!

If we believe God is, and we do or you wouldn’t even be reading this: don’t you think we should personify to the very best of our abilities an outlook that embodies the supernatural God we all know.
Moody, Tozer, Whitefield, Wesley, Torrey, Ravenhill, all personified the supernatural world view, and they changed millions of lives because of it.
  As a believer, we are not beggars at the Master’s table, we are sons and daughters of The Most High God, we need only to get in the Word and rediscover our Father. His Word declares “I Am God and I change not” well if He didn’t change, He’s still the God of the Supernatural, and we are His children…shouldn’t we start acting like it, praying and asking, believing and expecting, that He’s coming to help us in our times of need, then when He does showing and telling an unbelieving world our God and Father. The Bible says “you have not because you ask not”.
The world can only say you’re lucky for so long, after a while even they’ll say, it must be God.

Shalom my brothers and sisters, I love you…and yes I’m praying for you, please pray for me, but most importantly pray for the lost.

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