Lead On Lord Jesus...

When I couldn't walk,
You held me.
When I could only crawl,
You carried me.

When I tried to walk,
I fell and stumbled.
Then You picked me up,
and let me lean on You.

Though it took me longer,
than most to learn to walk.
You never complained,
You were never upset.

I still fall from time to time,
but it's never far.
Thanks to Your hand,
holding mine.

Though I don't run as wildly,
as many do.
It's because I know how it hurts,
to fall away from You.

I just wanted to say,
Thank You, Lord.
For everything You've done,
and too tell You, I love You.

May I never forget,
how far You've brought me.
Lead on Lord JESUS,
Lead on...

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