The Shepherd

At the head of every flock,
stands one, 
with a heart for all.
One who leads by example,
and obeys the call.

A shepherd’s job is simply,
 to care and to feed.
And occasionally kill a wolf
should there arise a need.

His work may take him,
from valleys to clefts!
For when the sheep are hurting,
it’s the shepherd,
 who binds up and lifts.

Now a mountain produces,
shade, wind, and rocks.
But it’s also a place of growth,
for a shepherd and his flock.

A mountain may seem steep
when you’re heading up the flock.
So when you grow weary, 
 rest upon The Rock.

But now its time to lead,
and continue the climb.
As you rescue those lost,
while there's still time!

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