The Test

Sometimes our test,
seems to be too long,
But to quit before completion
would just be wrong.

Oh, there has been times,
 we've given it thought.
 In valleys so deep,
 waist high in distraught.

At those moments our enemy whispers,
"Why go on"?
"Give up fool,
you're all alone"!

"Who is coming,
to help you through"?
"Just give up,
and go do what you used to do"!

It's at those moments,
when we want to regress.
Just remember one scripture,
that still says it best.

"I am with you always,
to the very end of the age".
That's not just the spiritual times,
but all of our days.

We have not been forgotten,
or left by the road.
Sometimes a test is heavier,
than a regular load.

 Be not deceived into thinking,
that it was you who carried it all.
Yes the test was heavy!
 why didn’t you fall?