In this land,
that's not our own.
We pilgrims... still journey,
and continue on.

Traveling life's road,
taking in the sights.
Experiencing this life,
with all it's joy and frights.

Weathering life's storms,
by enduring it's worst seasons.
Pilgrims, committed to a journey,
void of earthly reasons.

For some, today,
will be their very last mile.
While most continue this journey,
yet, for a little while.

Just pilgrims on journey,
to a place we've never been.
Inviting all we meet,
to join we journeymen.

Declaring great beauty,
about cities adorned by man.
While faithfully continuing,
toward the city, 
not of human hands.

Just pilgrims, just travelers,
just simply passing through.
We're headed to a land,
just beyond the blue.

Hebrews 11:13