One Little Action

As we continue to walk,
this Christian trail.
Let our hearts be true,
lest we all fail.

For this walk is not about,
being number one.
But rather, being a disciple,
of God's Holy Son.

So is too much,
to do a kind deed.
 Be they physical, or spiritual,
 all have need's!

One little action,
speaks louder than words.
For kindness is an action,
not to be heard.

Yes it's important,
what we think and we say.
But the two with no action,
will just... fade away.



  When man was still young,
still fresh from the dust.
In an hour of weakness,
man gave into lust.

The serpent had promised,
God's wisdom you see.
But God had told man,
"don't eat of that tree".

For on that day,
when man disobeyed.
Perfection was then broken,
sin was then made.

In the history of man,
and the origin of sin.
Lust is the place,
it all did begin.

Lust of the eye,
 a wanting of things.
Wanting whatever,
whatever it brings.

Lust of the flesh,
one of the most dangerous of sins.
For this is the place,
fornication begins.

Since the first day,
that man welcomed lust.
He's sought new ways,
to revile and disgust.

In the thousands of years,
from the day it did start.
 Mans still seeks new ways,
to harden his heart.