The Letter

In days of weakness,
When you've felt lost.
I remembered the day,
You came to the cross.

Bowing so reverent,
Before God's throne.
From that day forth,
You were never alone.

Oh, there have been times,
That you have strayed.
But My Spirit inside you,
Always has stayed.

The days you felt,
Covered in sin.
The day's you thought,
I'll never win.

Even the days you tied,
 My Hands.
Those days when you chose,
your ways,
and not My plans. 

The days you saw,
Loved ones die.
The days you cried,
Why, God why?

Though you didn't recognize me,
I was always there.
I longed for the moment,
That you'd find me in prayer.

You see I never stopped caring,
For you my child.
I just thought you should know,
 we haven't talked in a while.

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