The Storm!

Clouds began to blow in,
then the rain began to fall.
Then the lightning followed,
as the thunder did call.

I looked for the sun,
but it was hiding it's face.
As the storm continued,
at a wicked pace.

The waters rose quickly,
as the sky wept.
And with the force of a hurricane,
my dreams seemed swept.

I looked to the skies,
with questions, to enlighten.
But no answers came,
as the winds did heighten.

To the east and the west,
I saw the skies clear.
But directly overhead,
the storm was here!

Is it fair to question?
When the storm will not cease.
Is it fair to wonder,
when will I have peace?

Many times I pondered,
did this storm just find me?
Or have I moved somewhere,
I shouldn't be?

Isaiah 25:4