Treasure in the Field

Is there a treasure,
hidden in open sight?
One with the ability,
to change a life, overnight?

Is there something more precious,
than silver and gold?
More rare than diamonds and emeralds,
with value untold?

A man came upon this treasure,
in another mans field.
Longing to possess it,
he laid down his will.

Selling all that he had,
to own this treasure.
He sought it's possession,
beyond any measure.

As he found and acquired,
with all that he had!
Many around him,
declared him as mad.

"Have you lost your mind,
there is nothing there.
All that you own,
is just thin air!"

But the faith of the owner,
never embraced any doubt.
As a matter of fact,
he offered this treasure,
to those round about.

At the death of the owner,
his treasure was great.
His rewards were many, 
because of his faith.

The world will tell you,
there is no treasure here.
But the bodies of doubt,
can neither see nor hear.

So what is this treasure,
of eternal proportions ?
His Name is Jesus!
And to those who believe,
 He is all of our fortunes!!!

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bryan vestal said...

That's great John! Indeed very awesome.